The Life of A Developer

On November 4th, and 5th, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the CICan conference focusing on Applied Research. Alexander P. and I represented Seneca and the department of Applied Research and Innovation at the conference, showcasing a machine learning project we developed in the beginning of 2018. It was an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of great people, and discuss our project and explain how we developed it.


One individual we spoke to was MP Lloyd Longfield who loved the idea behind our project, calling it a “virtual chamber of commerce”, and took to twitter to share our project. (Tweet) Overall this was an amazing experience, and I was honoured to attend on Seneca’s behalf.


What next?

My next endeavour will be working on the pySearch project which was created by jrkong. From the moment this idea was discussed I was interested, however it wasn’t my first choice. Originally I wanted to create my own project, a “checkout bot” extension that would be used to checkout quickly on a website. After discussing this idea, it was not large enough and scope, and would be better fitting as an addition to an existing project/idea. For that reason I decided to shift my focus and begin working on pySearch.

Where to begin?

One of the immediate things that attracted me towards this project was the state of its development. This project is in an infancy stage, and has possibilities to grow and implement new functionalities. Additionally this project is written in python, a language I am very comfortable developing in and could begin to develop quickly. With that being said, the project is still new to GitHub, and the repository represents that. The repo is in need of a that explains the project, as well as documentation, in addition to adding an install method for windows. As someone who knows the struggle of installing and using python on windows OS, I feel this is a personal vendetta for me to tackle.


This implementation requires me to do thorough research on how the install process of python occurs, and how I could automate the process to make it happen with ease. This begins with my personal knowledge of the steps I needed to take in order to install it, as well as looking into what it takes to automate the process and make it an easy task.

Final Thoughts

It is exciting to continue working in open source development, but on a new project. I look forward to developing and implementing functionalities to the pySearch project, and continue working with python.


Keep on coding!

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