Release 0.3

Another release, another list of pull requests. This release proved to be a very interesting iteration, and taught me a lot and offered new experiences. For this iteration I worked on 2 pull requests on an internal project called pySearch, a python based search script, and an external project called Project Allium. I was able to get involved and learn about these projects through both documentation, as well as community involvement.



This project was super interesting to work on, and was my first exposure to working on a project in its infancy stage, and being able to create functionalities rather than fix functionalities. I worked alongside Alex Kong, the project creator, who was able to discuss ideas with me, as well as guide me in the right direction for development. What started off as one issue on this project quickly turned into a whole discussion and plan of future implementations, and additional required features. Alex did thorough research and provided strong ideas that I look forward to implementing in future developments. This project taught me about webbrowser libraries in python, and the interaction of python to system files and browser paths. What I worked on for this project was the browser parameter, allowing the user to specify which browser they would like the search to be performed in, as well as character encoding to ensure that characters being used in the search term are safe and encoded values. These issue lead to future plans and iterations as mentioned perviously.

Project Allium

This was without a doubt the more interesting project to get involved in, as it is based around Blockchain. I found this project as my external pull request, and found several open issues that I was willing to complete and work on. Initially I chose to work on an issue that would use a method developed in another issue, so naturally I worked on that issue before working on my initial one. The most important takeaway from this project is to ask questions regularly, as this was the number one factor in my solving of this issue. I worked on a method called add_block, that would be used to add a block to the blockchain in the current object, however this needed to make use of the get_size_bytes method which I had to develop as well.


Solving Problems

As noted previously, involvement and asking questions was a major factor for me in this iteration, as discussing issues with others gave me strong insight into debugging and fixing my code. Starting with pySearch, Alex Kong pitched a lot of great ideas and suggestions for my pull requests, and I began to implement and fix them, which lead to the discussion of an install script being needed to dynamically allocate browser names and paths. This is currently an ongoing development. Similarly I had a great amount of help working on Project Allium, and spoke with several members of the project to get help. The first insight I received was the section of the file I was looking at had been outdated and the methods were not correct, this was upsetting and uplifting news as I now knew the problem of my error, but had to redo my work. Nonetheless I worked on this project, participated in a conversation about my problems, and creating tester methods, and made a contribution.


Final Thoughts

With iteration 0.3 in the books it is only natural to start looking and preparing for iteration 0.4. For this iteration I would like to continue my work on the Project Allium repository, fixing my code, as well as creating or updating new code and continuing development on a blockchain project. In addition I am interested in doing flake8 lint testing for python on the Pandas project as we had discussed in class. Lots of code and open source to look forward to! Until then.


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