The Last Stop

This iteration marks the final point of the semester and of DPS909, however it does not mean the end for open source. This week I continued my journey in open source development, and experienced new things working on a project. This week my focus remained on Project-Allium, as well as pySearch, continuing to develop and solve issues.


I started working on pySearch by finishing up my initial PR, pySearch has undergone some updates since the last time I committed my PR, and subsequently I needed to update my code. I started by making the necessary changes for the structure, as well as updating the to reflect the new parameter I had created, and how to use it. After finishing up this PR, I began to work on my new PR, which began with looking at another PR I had made to pySearch. This issue I chose included improving the encoding of the search terms and changing unsafe characters. The problem with the initial method of encoding was that the whole string was being encoded rather than just the words, which would leave search results with a query such as:Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.46.41 PM

This is okay, and will work, however it could be better. The problem was characters such as spaces being encoded, and showing up in the final search query.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.46.49 PM

This is what the ideal search would be, with encoded characters, but not in the final search term. The solution here was grabbing each word individually to be encoded, followed by concatenating them together, as opposed to old approach which encoded the entire string. Furthermore I implemented additional pyTests to make sure all encoding was happening correctly.


Project Allium

My first pull request for this iteration was a bit of a hardship, and involved a miscommunication between myself and the team members of Project Allium. Given the permissions in the group, I self assigned myself to an issue, and began to work on it, a few days later, when looking back at the issue, I couldn’t find it only to discover it had been closed. I had created my pull request before this, and was surprised to see these issues no longer open, and my PR not merged. After learning about this, I asked on the issue thread why it was closed, only to be told that the project moves quickly, and these issues had been consolidated into other issues and completed (although I do not see them in any branches) From here I am learning to go with the flow, and try to keep up to pace with the project. My final PR of this iteration will be made on this project, once I get a response on what is available to be worked on (as to avoid what happened before)


Final Thoughts

We’re almost done this course, yet my journey in open source has just begun. I am looking forward to wrapping up the semester, and finishing up my final PR’s, only to be able to get right back into open source again next semester! Until next time…




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